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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not loving being pregnant? You're not alone!

So, you're going to all those pregnancy support groups, lamaze classes, and prenatal yoga hoping to finally going to find someone to commiserate with only to find that no one is hating pregnancy as much as you are? Don't worry! You are not alone. In fact according to recent studies, over 27% of women are not happy being pregnant. With all those hormones raging, the morning sickness and the fact that your body is changing tremendously, it is expected that you will have some frustrations with this new life change. What to do when you hit rock bottom? Here are some tips for coping with those "difficult to manage" life days:

*Remind yourself that you will not be pregnant forever. Pregnancy has some very obviously difficult stages such as the beginning when you might be constantly queasy or at the end when you just want that baby to come out already. However, at the end of the tunnel there will a beautiful baby (or more) for all that effort. Try to adopt a mantra or a way of empowering yourself through those difficult days to keep you positive.

*Make time for "me time". A lot of women start fearing that they are going to lose themselves once the baby arrives. No need. Of course, you will not have as much time as before, but you will still have plenty of time for yourself if you schedule it. Start scheduling "me time" now and scatter fun activities such as a manicure or time to read a book now so that way the transition is seamless.

*Surround yourself with people you love and who love you. Sometimes it is easy to separate from humankind when you are feeling down and out, but being alone is not what you need right now. Having people around you to squash those negative feelings and make you laugh is important because how else will you cope with symptoms like smelly pregnancy gas? You need a sense of humor and people who will laugh with you.

*Allow yourself a "mourning period" for your old body and your pre-maternity life. Have faith that you will bounce back once the baby arrives but if you are not loving your new pregnancy curves, acknowledge that you are allowed to feel this way without guilt. Some women are afraid of voicing their resentment towards pregnancy and their new body because they feel that they are going to be a bad mother as a result. Not true! Just because you are not feeling great about the belly, does not mean that you are going to be feeling negative once the baby arrives. Remember that this is a huge change in life and it deserves to be taken in stride.

If you are feeling super sad and feel like you might not just be dealing with typical pregnancy emotions, talk to your doctor about your feelings. There is nothing wrong or embarrassing about feeling down about pregnancy but seeking help as soon as possible is key to combatting depression associated pregnancy.

Take care of yourself and try to stay positive!

The Moody Mamas

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