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Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Monday!

With Valentines being only one week away, some women are frantic about what to do for that special day! We know that you want to show your appreciation for your significant other, but some of us are on a budget! This is especially true if you are an expectant mommy; all you may want to do is save up for the baby. Here are some inexpensive, romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day. You can even use these ideas for any day of the year!

*Love notes

Love notes are a great way to tell your significant other how much you love him or her. You can try a hidden message: with a pencil eraser, write a love note on the mirror before your loved one takes a shower. The hot steam from the shower will make the hidden message appear!

Stick a message under his pillow saying something like “wish I was sleeping next to you” if you are an early riser and your mate loves to sleep in. Your honey will wake up feeling loved!

Stick a love note in his shoe or in a place where it can be found early in the day. Say something meaningful like, I can’t wait to wrap my arms around you tonight! It will be found while at work and will definitely bring a smile to his face!

Make a home made Valentine’s Day card. Incorporate a love note within the card, it is very thoughtful and shows your mate that you put effort into it instead of buying whatever you come across at the store.

*Home made gifts

Make IOU coupons to give to your mate. Incorporate sweet things like, home made dinner for two, a massage, or a movie marathon night.

Make your own fortune cookies to open up after dinner, use them to woo your love on Valentine’s Day.

Put together a collage of pictures and memories throughout the years. Add some love notes to it, and give it to him/her as a reminder of your appreciation.

Buy a cute decorated jar, and put a lot of little pieces of paper with love notes or reasons why you love your mate on them in the jar. Tell your honey that he/she can only open one once a week!

Create a year long calendar with pictures of you two on the top of each month.

*Name a star after your loved one

There are some organizations that will give you a certificate of the name you chose for the star, and where it is located.

*Recreate your first date

Go to the place where you two had your first date. Re create the emotions that you both felt for each other. And tell your mate what you felt when you first met him/her.

*At home Dinner

Pull up a sofa next to the fire place and make a romantic dinner with dishes in the shapes of hearts. Buy some rose petals and strew them across the floor and table for special ambiance. Serve chocolate covered strawberries for an extra treat. Light some candles and put some sensual music on as well.

Hope these ideas make your Valentines day extra special!

XOXO, The Moody Mamas.

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