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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tips Tuesday!

New York City is bustling with fall 2011 fashion previews, but we have not even entered spring! No need to rush the seasons, we need to concentrate on what to wear as the weather starts to heat up!

The Grammy Awards this past Sunday debuted a lot of interesting new "spring" trends such as gorgeous gold and silver "heavy metal" dresses, sexy skin baring gowns, and thigh high lengths for mini-dresses. A little more rocker and little less chic, the overall Grammy style seemed to appeal to the glitz trend that has been dominating the award season this year as well as some other choices that might not be "fashionably correct" but were fun regardless.

Who could forget Nicki Minaj in her leopard "ensemble" with a partially leopard print coif and accessories to boot (see above) or California girl, Katy Perry's Georgio Armani dress with built in white feather wings and a corset top embellished with sparkling crystals? Most eccentric choice of the night could be the egg-yolk inspired ensemble with flesh colored horns worn by Lady Gaga who arrived in an egg- the perfect "accessory". While these styles are not necessarily "wearable", they are wacky and entertaining which is what the Grammy's is all about, right?

In honor of this being "tips Tuesday", we are not going to tell you what "not to wear" as a result of the styles demonstrated by the Grammy awards, but rather we are going to show you how to turn wacky into wearable.

* Like leopard? We do too...just in moderation. If you want to pull off this sassy look, we recommend sticking to one item such as a cute top (such as ours available on or a leopard printed accessory rather than a whole "ensemble".

* Love plunging necklines? Deep v-necks look great when you are not big busted or have tape to keep the tata's in...however, this cut is not ideal if you are trying to stay "demure" and are a little bustier. We love to showcase the pregnancy boobs, but we prefer to reveal a little cleavage rather than worrying about having an "oops" moment and letting it all hang out. If you want to take the "plunge" look for a v-neck that hits an inch or two above your cleavage "sweet spot".

* Who loves short skirts? If you have rocking legs like J Lo (who is also a mom), then by all means dare to pull of a shorter length skirt. However, due to the burgeoning belly, extremely short skirts are difficult to pull off because the belly tends to bring bottoms such as skirts up a few inches making them even shorter. We recommend looking for a length that hits a few inches above the knee for a contemporary look.

* Sky high heels. The higher the heel the better for some women, and this spring you will be seeing some really really high heels. However, this is not a trend that we recommend for pregnant fashionistas because while they make your legs look great, these shoes are dangerous. When you are pregnant, your center of gravity is always changing and back pain is a common ailment, so why aggravate these issues more? Trust us, this trend is not worth it.

Dare to wear something different today! Have a good one:)

The Moody Mamas

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