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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

We hope that you are are having a very sweet day filled with lots of love from friends, family and loved ones. More than just romantic love, the purpose of Valentine's Day is celebrate love and the people in your life that you are fortunate to have. Of course candle-lit dinners, roses and chocolates are lovely but kind words and thoughtful gestures are wonderful too. We recommend that you take the time today to embrace the spirit of this holiday and demonstrate your love for those around you. Looking for cute ways to spread love for those other than your partner?

* Call your family just to say "I love you"

* Help an elderly neighbor by running an errand for them

* Send a friend a Valentine's Day e-card

*Give yourself some "me time", hey- you need to show love to yourself too!

* Bring some treats to share with your co-workers

*Do something that you love!

* Bake cookies and bring them to a homeless shelter

* Write love poems with your kids and let them eat one treat that they "love"

More to love...Fun Facts about Love and Valentine's Day
* In the 1800's doctor's actually prescribed CHOCOLATE for those suffering from heartbreak
* There is a Valentine's Day star- it is called Betelgeuse and it is a red super giant star that apparently shines bright in the southern sky
*The biggest Valentine's Day gift ever granted was the TAJ MAHAL- better than roses, this gift was bestowed to the wife of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan of India. Sweet!
* One minute of kissing burns 26 calories
* Women purchase 85% of all valentines
* The Italian city of Verona, where Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet characters lived, receives about 1,000 letters to Juliet every Valentine's Day (which inspired the Letters to Juliet movie)

Valentine's Day Superstitions:
* If an apple is cut in half on Valentine's Day, the number of seeds found inside will indicate the amount of children you will have
*If you see a flock of Doves on Valentine's Day you will have a very happy and peaceful marriage
* If you received a Valentine's kiss this morning, you will be lucky in love this year

Have a very happy Valentine's Day! We love you!!
The Moody Mamas

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