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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tips Tuesday!

Love is in the air! That's right, Valentine's Day is upon us. Perhaps you are having a baby for the first time, or you might be a baby-making machine, but no matter what, Valentine's Day is a great day to mark the occasion of what got you pregnant in the first place...making love.

It's easy is it to forget about romance and sex when you have got a big ole belly and can't see your toes. We totally get it. However, when you are pregnant you have got a good amount of estrogen in your body so despite the physical woes, you might be feeling a little feisty. What better day to celebrate the sex drive than Valentine's Day?? Though it is uncomfortable to discuss and even gives us a bit of the squirms, a little bit of sex ed when it comes to pregnancy can be necessary because there are a lot of misconceptions on this topic. So, let's talk about sex...

Sex is OK to have during pregnancy as long as you feel well and able. At first, you might not feel sexy and might feel downright nauseous so if you are in your first or third trimester, you just might not be feeling up for it. However, around the second trimester, increased blood flow to your sexual organs and other "tender" areas may make you feel "ripe for the picking".

Some couples worry that sex will cause a miscarriage or harm their baby. Sex is not a cause of miscarriages and due to the amniotic fluid around the uterus, the baby is free from harm during sexual activity.

Though oral sex is safe during pregnancy, you have to be careful that your partner does not blow air into your vagina. Though it is extremely rare, there is a chance this action can cause an "air embolism" which is the result of a blocked block vessel and this could endanger both you and your child.

Sex is not as good when you are pregnant. NOT TRUE! Sex in pregnancy can be wonderful! You just have to be creative and try positions that work for you and your growing belly. In fact, some women actually are more orgasmic during pregnancy than they are when they are not pregnant because the "area down there" is much more sensitive.

We say try it and see for yourself! Looking for something to put you in the mood this Valentine's Day? Check out our adorable lingerie picks on sale now on We have everything from pre to post natal options!

Have a sexy day!

The Moody Mamas

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