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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tips Tuesday!

It is such an exciting time when you first bring your baby home! During the first few days with your new bundle of joy, you will probably just want to hold him/her as much as you can, and give them massive amounts of attention. Despite the excitement, a lot of women are exhausted when they come home from the hospital (giving birth is tough work!) so having to prep for baby when the baby has already arrived might not be the best decision. We highly recommend that get your house baby ready before that big day comes and have some useful tips to share with you so that you can enjoy those first few days rather than stress!

*Wash the baby’s clothes

We know that you probably got some super cute baby clothes at your shower, and you just can’t wait to dress up your little one! But remember to wash all the baby clothes with gentle detergent before you dress your infant. The baby clothes is probably safe, but you never know what will be irritating to your newborn’s skin.

*Organize the baby’s closet

Organize the clothing in drawers and closets so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time picking out outfits when you are working on little sleep. Though you might not be able to keep tidy, if you start with an organized closet, you will have to deal with a giant stack of clothes with unknown sizes once the baby arrives.

*Decorate the baby’s nursery and assemble all furniture

Assemble the cribs, changing tables, and chairs before your due date. You don’t have to do it all in one day, but making sure that all of the furniture works and is safe for baby will make you be less nervous about letting the baby use them once he/she arrives. Also, make sure the crib has slats less than 2 3/8 inches between and that it meets government safety standards. Keep the bedding in the crib to a minimum as some fleece and heavy bedding is known to cause suffocation. It is also very important to install a baby monitor in the nursery so that you can hear your infant at all times.

*Prepare the Baby necessities

-Get all your baby bottles ready that you have received from showers and disinfect them with soap and hot water. To keep things safe, do not put milk in the baby bottles without cleaning them out first.

-If you decide to breastfeed, stock up on breast cream, nursing bras, and nursing pads before the baby comes home so that your boobs/nipples do not feel as sore.

-Make sure you have enough diapers and toiletries. Do not buy a large box of diapers because most babies grow out of the newborn size within just a couple days. It is a good idea to organize all your baby’s wipes, washcloths, and diaper rash creams where you can find them when needed.

-When you buy toys for your baby, inspect them carefully to make sure nothing is broken or that there are no loose parts that the baby could pull off.

-Test out the car seat and stroller to make sure all of these items fit in your car.

*Home safety tips (you don’t have to use them all but keep them in mind)

-Clean your home from top to bottom before you welcome your precious newborn home. Ask for friends or family to help you out, because we know most of you are probably exhausted in your last trimester. Remove all dust, dander, and allergens. Babies have a weakened immune system and it is your job to make sure your home is germ free.

- Install outlet covers in all outlets throughout the home. This prevents toddlers from sticking objects into the outlets. Also have GFCI breakers installed. These shut down the circuit if someone is being shocked. Track down or put away electrical cords as well.

-Make sure stands that are holding vases or TV’s are secured properly or invest in more stable platforms so that these items can’t be knocked over easily.

-Switch your glassware to plastic ones to prevent glass from shattering.

- Make sure all the mirrors in the home are secured properly, it could become a huge disaster if a mirror falls and shatters near a newborn.

-Keep aquariums or other animal cages out of a child’s reach. They could be very tempting to a baby and it would be a big mess if it is knocked over.

- Install locks on toilet lids and cabinets. This could be annoying to adults at first, but it will take some getting used to. This prevents the baby from falling and drowning in the toilet bowl, and prevents the baby from getting into toxic substances.

- Make sure you put ventilation place guards on windows to prevent a child from falling out, also make sure all drapery and window cords are properly tucked away to prevent a child from getting strangled.

-Never leave the tub full of water or let you baby be in the tub unsupervised. Also put away mop buckets so a baby won’t fall into one.

-Put away mouse traps, plants, cleaners, scrubs, and any other substance that could be toxic to a baby. Also, clean your baseboards that may have been treated with toxic roach and ant sprays.

Finally, get on your hands and knees and crawl around like a baby!! Look at things from a baby’s perspective and see if you find anything that would peek your infant’s interest that he/she could reach out and grab. Once you have your home baby-ready, you will be able to enjoy your bonding time rather than fixing the house! We highly recommend it!

Have a fabulous Tuesday!


The Moody Mamas

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  1. So much to remember when getting ready for a new born but some great tips there on such an exciting prospect.