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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Interesting Rituals for Expectant Moms

In the U.S. it is customary for women to celebrate their transition into motherhood by having a baby shower. However, if you are looking for a different way to mark this special time in life, there are lots of interesting rituals and ceremonies you can incorporate into your event to spice up your typical baby shower. Here are some of our favorites:

* Host a “Blessingway”. Rooted in Navajo tradition, this Native American blessing ceremony focuses on the mother rather than the baby. During a “Blessingway”, female family members and friends host the event and create a sacred space for the mom-to-be in which she is pampered and honored. Each woman brings a special warm, comforting food that is especially prepared according to the expectant mom’s tastes. Candles are lit to create a tranquil atmosphere and each guest is encouraged to bring a favorite poem, prayer, or song to share with the expectant mom. Finally each guest bring should bring a bead to later string to form a bracelet or necklace so that when the mom goes into labor, she will be reminded that her family and friends are thinking of her.

* Make a plaster cast of the mom-to-be’s pregnant belly in advance and have the guests decorate it so she will always have a memento from this time.

* Buy a pouch and have all the guests bring a token to symbolize a wish for the mom-to-be or have everyone write down a wish.

* Hold a pre-birth ritual called a “Preparing”. This can be performed at any time during the pregnancy and can include males as well as females. Decorate an alter with whatever colors have been chosen for the baby’s nursery and include flowers, symbols of motherhood such as goddess figurine and representations of fertility. You will also need to gather a collection of stones to have each guest bring to the alter as well as some sort of blessing oil.

◦ Tiger’s Eye: good fortune
◦ Rose Quartz: love
◦ Topaz: good health
◦ Moss Agate: spiritual well-being
◦ Gold Feldspar: for a clear mind
◦ Hematite: to protect from negativity
◦ Lapis Lazuli: for wisdom
◦ Peridot: for courage
◦ Moonstone: for intuition and magic

A friend or family member should cleanse the space at the alter and assemble the guests into a circle. Similar to a wedding, the prayer should offer a blessing to the mom-to-be. After this, each guest should be asked to share a happy wish for the baby. To end the ceremony, you can conclude with claps or an “Om” and thank everyone for coming. The parents should keep the items from the alter as a keepsake.

Have a fabulous day!

The Moody Mamas

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