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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Thursday!

Many moms and expectant moms take precautionary measures when choosing which food and products they want their babies to be exposed to, and as a result an organic route is often chosen. This eco-friendly sensibility is also important when decorating your baby’s nursery because while your newborn is not going ingest the furniture or paint, items such as bedding, toys and paint are often made with pollutants that can be harmful to your newborn.

The feeling of responsibility to shield your newborn from potential harm and the innate desire to ensure the health and well being of your baby is natural and can sometimes be overwhelming. With so many toxins out there, it is a challenge to decipher what items are dangerous and what items are safe. If you are looking to create a sweet sanctuary for you and your baby to enjoy, we recommend taking some of these “green living” tips into consideration when decorating your nursery:

  • While colored paint is perfectly fine for your baby, VOC’s (volatile organic compounds which are found in some paint fumes) are not. To be sure that your baby is not breathing in these toxic fumes, look out for non-toxic, zero VOC paints or those that are water based.

  • Make sure that your crib meets the federal Consumer Products Safety Commission’s(CPSC) guidelines. Some cribs contain composite woods that are made with formaldehyde or additives that are not ideal for your baby to have exposure to. Best bet is to look for a crib that is made from pure, wooden crib that is either unfinished or has been finished with natural oils.

  • Bedding is something important to consider because it touches your baby’s skin. Some infants are more prone to skin irritations from soaps, laundry detergent or chemical treatments on bedding so when choosing sheets or blankets, look out for untreated cottons or sheets that are free of bleaches, formaldehydes, dyes and pesticides.

  • Rugs. Since your baby will be spending lots of time wriggling on the floor, it is important to make sure that your floor is free of dirt and dust. Dust mites are a common trigger for asthma, so having a clean floor is ideal if you want to allow your baby to play on the floor. If you choose to put a rug on the floor, a washable, natural fiber rug is best. Vaccums cannot always reach dirt and pollutants so if you are able to put the rug in the wash, all the better.

Though getting your nursery and house prepared for the baby can seem daunting and time consuming, it will assist your pre-natal efforts to create a safe environment for your your baby once he/she is born and will be well worth it!

Have a wonderful day!


The Moody Mamas

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